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    5 Common Right Angle Gear Drive Lubrication Options

    Posted by Troy Branham on Oct 5 ,2016

    In any complex mechanical machine, all of the parts represent a chance for failure if they are not designed or maintained properly. Sometimes the simplest parts get overlooked. A right angle gearbox needs less attention than many more complex parts, but it still can bind, grind or fail if it does not have the proper lubrication. Here are five common right angle gear drive lubrication options for proper installation and maintenance depending on your particular operating conditions.

    1. Gearing Type

    The internal speeds of your right angle gearbox vary with the type of gears operating in them. Each requires a different type of lubricant in order to perform properly. Spur and bevel gears use a low speed and low slide lubricant. Helical or spiral bevel gears are medium slide and medium speed. Worn gears always operate with high or excessive sliding, with very high loads.

    The manufacturer will usually recommend the proper lubrication for the type of gears in the right angle gearbox for normal loads.

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    Right Angle Gearboxes: Does My Design Call for a Right or Left-Hand Rotation?

    Posted by Troy Branham on Sep 21 ,2016

    Right angle gearboxes are used throughout dozens of industries in hundreds of applications that require a reliable transfer of speed or power. They're versatile, but the name can be a bit of a misnomer — the “right” in "right angle" comes from their 90-degree angle — but they can be right- or left-facing. If your application demands a right angle gearbox, it’s important to know if your design calls for a left-hand or right-hand rotation.

    Right-Hand or Left-Hand Rotation

    The main differentiation between the right-hand and left-hand versions of right angle gearboxes is the rotation of the gear drives.

    For example, a bottom gear in both left- and right-hand rotations turning clockwise would have the top gear turning counterclockwise for left-hand rotation, and clockwise in the right-hand rotation.

    With many standard types and sizes are available, and the ability for specialty shaft configurations, ensuring the right angle gearbox for your application is key. Having multiple mounting options also helps simplify your design considerations.

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    Which Right Angle Gearbox Will Work Best for Your Mechanical Design

    Posted by Troy Branham on Jul 7 ,2016

    Within the world of gearboxes, there are so many configurations that choosing the right product for your particular mechanical design can be challenging. Nowadays, custom gearboxes are more and more common, chiefly because manufacturing to specification is easier than ever, with newer machine tools as well as design and automation software. So, when determining the right angle gearbox that will work best for your mechanical design, it’s important to identify the key aspects of your design and application.

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