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    [VIDEO] A Deep Dive into W.C. Branham's Right Angle Gear Drive Product Line

    Posted by Troy Branham on Jul 22 ,2020

    W.C. Branham was industry-first with right angle hollow bore helical gearboxes that package an all ball bearing configuration in a leak-proof, sealed gearcase with a pre-lubricated design. The immediate benefits were achieving higher thrust and radial loads, lower operating temperature for greater efficiency, no leakage, and longer service life.

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    Each gearbox has two 45-degree helical gears that mesh at 90º to rotate power. They are bi-directional and slide axially along keyed shafts for easy installation. They are also vast improvements over "float" or "slide" style right angle models made by others. All W.C. Branham gearboxes are shipped pre-lubricated and installation ready. Our gearboxes and helical gears are made right here in Wisconsin.

    We offer our gearboxes in a wide range of sizes. We have our Include-A-Shaft Series 10, which has an integrated shaft and gear combination. The gearbox is compact, where the center lines of the shafts are on 1-inch centers, making it ideal for uses in packaging machinery, for example. We offer a two-way, a three-way, and four-way configurations. Our mainstay product in our right angle geardrive line is our Insert-A-Shaft® gearboxes. Insert-A-Shaft gearboxes range in 1:1, 3:2 and 2:1 ratios and are also available in optional metric bores.

    Insert-A-Shaft is another term for hollow bore design where a shaft can slide through the bores of the gearboxes. We make our Insert-A-Shaft gearboxes in five different sizes, which you can view by clicking on the individual product links below:

    A majority of our gearboxes operate at 1,200 RPM, with our smaller gearboxes (the Series 10) at 1,800 RPM. Our Continuous Recirculating Lubricant (CRL) boxes are offered in a wide range of sizes, ideal for heavy-duty, high-cycle application. Our standard configurations are nice black, hard-coated cases. We also make a wide range of stainless steel gearboxes for wash down uses in the food processing industry, marine, or other types of applications requiring additional environmental protection. Our spiral bevel gearboxes are offered in several different configurations where they run at high RPM and are 1:1 ratios.

    We also offer Custom Gearboxes

    Despite the wide range of standard sizes and configuration options, sometimes a custom-designed right-angle gearbox makes more sense. Customized products can precisely meet your design specs. W.C. Branham’s engineering and manufacturing experts are always happy to assist you with design ideas as well as gearbox selection and implementation advice. 

    “We have very talented and experienced individuals who ask the right questions at the onset. Our response is phenomenal and I believe you will be amazed by the end result.”, says W.C. Branham owner, Troy Branham. We use the latest 3D CAD software and can provide 3D STEP CAD files for any of our gearboxes. Let’s talk about your application.

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