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    Stainless Steel Cylinders, Gearboxes, and Brakes Solve Harsh and Sanitary Application Needs [VIDEO]

    Posted by Troy Branham on Oct 7 ,2021

    Stainless steel is unsurpassed when it comes to durability - making it a great choice in harsh environments or where heavy industrial cleaning is important. Because of this, stainless steel gearboxes, actuators, and brakes are often used in food and beverage processing and packaging, medical manufacturing for equipment and pharmaceuticals, and chemical processing facilities. 

    Stainless steel keeps a hygienic surface which helps maintain the stringent sanitation standards set forth by government regulators. Both the FDA and USDA require stainless steel in most food processing applications.

    The benefits of stainless steel’s smooth surface goes beyond these highly regulated industries. Because stainless doesn’t need to be painted it is the right choice in areas exposed to harsh environmental elements such as highly-corrosive salt water. This material is also ideal to replace cast iron or other epoxy-painted equipment in locations that are hard to access for regular repainting. 

    Choosing Stainless Steel over Aluminum

    Stainless steel holds a distinct competitive advantage over aluminum in some areas. While both are lightweight, stainless can withstand higher temperatures and exposure to harsher chemicals without deteriorating. It performs well in areas that require food-grade grease. Other benefits of stainless steel include that it: 

    • resists corrosion;
    • eliminates the chance of moisture, debris, or bacteria accumulation;
    • requires no paint or powder coating so no chipping or deteriorating;
    • withstands caustic and harsh chemicals, both acid and alkaline;
    • withstands high-pressure, high-heat wash downs.

    All of these attributes make stainless steel the go-to choice when product protection and high performance are equally important. In the food industry, stainless steel gearboxes are ideal for packaging, cartoning, denesting, and other applications that require multiple rotational movements.

    Custom Designed Stainless Steel Cylinders, Gearboxes, and Brakes

    Often the industries where stainless steel is recommended or required also have custom design specifications. If you’re looking for a custom solution, it’s vital that the manufacturing team you’re working with has a proven history of being able to solve complex design challenges.

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