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    Best Ways to Maximize the Service Life of Your Right Angle Gearbox

    Posted by Troy Branham on Nov 6 ,2019
    right angle gearbox

    The nature of automation and the facts of physics dictate that all moving parts wear out over time, and your right angle gearbox is no exception. Industrial settings are demanding and unforgiving. High speeds, high temperatures, wash down requirements, and other factors take their toll.

    Right angle gearboxes require less maintenance than many other industrial components, but less maintenance doesn’t mean "no maintenance." Developing problems can damage seals, bearings, bolts, and other internal components or even cause the entire gearbox to fail. You can prevent untimely problems and extend right angle gearbox service life with a few simple precautions.

    Preventive maintenance

    Regular inspection and maintenance are always the key to maximum uptime and fewer repairs.

    • Check for proper alignment because vibration or improper mounting can cause misalignment.
    • Check for heat buildup, which could indicate excessive internal friction.
    • Keep the gearbox clean to avoid internal contamination.
    • Maintain proper lubrication. When the gearbox is warm, drain all the old fluid then refill. If used oil is discolored or burned, you may need to switch lubricants. Never use solvents to clean up.

    Choose the right product in the beginning

    For industrial equipment, the two most critical design factors are the ability to perform the function precisely to spec and reliability. Anything that doesn’t meet those criteria is guaranteed to wear out sooner than you expect or fail when you need it most. So, the best way to keep your gearbox in tip-top shape is to choose the appropriate configuration right from the start.

    Right angle gearboxes are very versatile, so they are used in numerous types of industrial applications. That’s why W.C. Branham makes several different styles, including models for specialized conditions. The configuration that's best for your design depends on capability, size, and mounting requirements as well as the operating environment.

    There are many questions to ask yourself. The first one is whether your gearbox will require right- or left-hand rotation. As noted above, lubrication is crucial. There are five different lubrication options for right angle gearboxes, so you’ll need to identify which one your application requires. Determining factors include gearing type, loading, gear speed, materials compatibility, and ambient temperature.

    This checklist and this video will help you identify all the other details you’ll need to select the right angle gearbox for your design.

    Don’t overlook customization

    Never assume that you have to make do if you don’t see exactly what you need within our standard offerings. Custom-design is a specialty here at W.C. Branham, and there’s nothing we love more than a good challenge. Furthermore, advancements in materials and technology have made custom design more feasible and more affordable. So, let’s talk.

    If you need just a few gearboxes, consider having us build custom products using standard modular sub-components. This is a cost-effective alternative to fully custom design, and you’ll still get exactly what you need.

    Then, if you follow the tips we’ve outlined here, your right angle gearbox service life will be long and productive.

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