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    [VIDEO] Introduction to OVLPRO® Low Profile Pneumatic Cylinders

    Posted by Troy Branham on Mar 5 ,2020

    At W.C. Branham, our slogan says it all: Solutions in Motion. We love a good challenge, and in order to uncover solutions, we’re always thinking outside the box. Or, sometimes, "outside the round" in the case of industrial actuators. That’s how we developed our unique OVLPRO low profile series of pneumatic cylinders.

    A Simple Solution to a Frustrating Problem

    A traditional cylindrical rod reciprocating in a round bore inevitably causes wear over time, allowing the rod to rotate slightly. In some applications, even the minutest rotation can spell disaster. With their oval bore and rod, our OVLPRO cylinders eliminate this costly concern. Troy Branham, our President and CEO, explains in this video.


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    OVLPRO low profile pneumatic cylinders are extremely versatile. They come in three bore sizes (25, 32, and 44mm). All are very compact, so you can stack them or install them side-by-side, and they come standard with integrated T-slots. You can choose:

    • Male or female threaded stainless- or chrome-plated rods
    • Multiple mounting configurations
    • Multiple port locations (including side or rear porting for the extended retract)

    OVLPRO cylinders are also repairable, for greater life and ROI.

    Small, Yes, But Mighty Too

    Our OVP25 is the smallest cylinder in the OVLPRO series at just 25mm. It sets the standard for low-profile, high-performance cylinders – super-compact yet without sacrificing the power needed to effectively and reliably drive your move the required load. The OVP25 is rated up to 200 psi. At 100 psi, it can create 78 lbs of force in the extended position and 67 lbs of force in the retracted position.

    This cylinder comes standard with:

    • A hard chrome-plated rod (male or female threaded)
    • Internal crossover porting that allows for side or rear ports (or both)
    • Piston magnet, allowing feedback-sensing devices to be quickly installed in T-ports
    • Pre-lubricated for high duty cycles

     Troy Branham has more details. 


    Which Size OVLPRO Do You Need?

    Proper sizing is critical to ensure pneumatic cylinders operate at peak performance over the longest lifespan. Chad Randleman, our VP of Engineering & General Manager, says you can follow a three-step process to determine which OVLPRO model is right for your design and application: 

    Actuator Sizing- OVLPRO
    • Determine Required Cylinder Output Force. Multiply the load weight by the coefficient of friction for the guiding mechanism. Remember that as the rod cylinder extends and retracts it exerts different output force because there is less effective net bore area on the rod side. To account for this, be sure to calculate forces and pressures on both sides of the cylinder.
    • Consider Maximum Load vs Stroke Length. For cylinders that both support and guide a load, compare both of these figures to ensure the cylinder is within spec guidelines. Over-loading at longer stroke lengths can exert excessive bending pressure on the rod, causing malfunction and damage.
    • Compare Internal Cushions to Load vs. Velocity. Adequate cushioning is also crucial. If necessary, we can add external shock absorbers to the cylinder.

    Want to know more about OVLPRO options?

    We have answers, and as noted earlier, we love a good puzzle. So drop us an email or give us a call whether you need just a little advice or you need help custom design assistance to meet an unusual design requirement. We also offer OVLPRO samples free of charge to qualifying OEMs.

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