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    [VIDEO] Introduction to DURATRK™ Rodless Cylinders

    Posted by Troy Branham on Feb 1 ,2021

    W.C. Branham President and CEO Troy Branham introduces our pneumatic actuator line, specifically our new DURATRK™ slot tube style rodless cylinders in this edition of Solutions in Motion.


    We make the DURATRK™ product in six bore sizes, ranging from 18mm bore diameter up to 63mm. We cut our tube profiles in very small increments all the way up to 21 feet, depending upon specific customer needs. Our standard DURATRK™ DTS model has an integrated piston yoke assembly, ideal for applications where the cylinder will need to move a light to moderate load.

    For a limited time, we're offering a buy two get one free promotion on DURATRK™ Rodless Cylinders in models DTS, DTK, and DTF.  That's a savings of up to $2,593 depending on the bore size and stroke length of the cylinder. To find the right rodless cylinder for your application, download our guide

    The hallmark of our DURATRK™ rodless cylinder line is versatility. We produce two versions – one that offers industry-standard overall length and one that can be as much as 40% shorter, both with the same stroke. You can:

    • Spec extended versions of either length by adding an exterior carriage on one side, to accommodate higher forces or heavier loads
    • Mount the carriage on the bottom, or use two carriages, mounting one on each side
    • Meet maximum load capacity by spec’ing an integrated precision linear rail and ball block configuration
    • Choose NPT or BSPP double or single ports
    • Add foot mounts
    • Choose sensor type, if needed

    Understanding DURATRK™ models

    We have many types of guiding arrangements, including our DTF model, which is a modular guiding system onto the extrusion body of the cylinder. Again, we can size the DURATRK™ cylinders according to customer loading and bending moment requirements. Our DTF5, which is actually an inverted product, positions the seal band downward. This protects it from the operating environment and allows the cylinder to both guide and support the load riding on the backside of the extrusion body.

    Likewise, our F1 (now the DTFD model) dual guided accessory options can be added to the DTS model for heavy-duty load and bending moment requirements. This is a very versatile product line that can be sized based on the customer's specifications.

    One unique product that we offer is our DTK model, which is a shortened-length version of our standard model, with a shorter integrated piston yoke assembly. What's nice about this model is that if you're trying to design for a small footprint, the DTK allows you to achieve the same amount of stroke in a much shorter space than a traditional rodless cylinder.

    What makes DURATRK™ different?

    The heart of our DURATRK™ line is the extrusion body. Through the years, we have refined the profile based on technology advancements from extruders worldwide. Very high tolerances allow us to achieve a virtually zero leakage rate through the slot in the tube.

    The extrusion features lightening holes to reduce weight and multiple porting options are available depending on specific customers' needs. We can double end port the cylinder or place the porting on one end or even at the bottom, thanks to improvements in the extrusion body design.

    Meet the DURATRK DTFL Model Linear Guided Rodless Cylinder

    Effective industrial equipment design now requires that automated machinery do more work, more accurately, more reliably, last longer and generate the greatest possible ROI. That requires components that meet those same standards. Our DURATRK DTFL model linear guided rodless cylinder could be your next solution. Why? Here are just two key benefits:

    • Rodless cylinders can do the same job as a traditional cylinder, in a much smaller space, because there is no rod to protrude as it the strokes.
    • The ability to add external guides provides as much as 70% more loading support, especially important for offset loads.

    Sizing your DURATRK™ Cylinder

    Our DURATRK™ line of rodless cylinders offers vast flexibility and customization. But all those options are valuable only if you choose the right one. The key is to identify the optimal amount of cylinder force required for your specific application. These calculations and considerations will help you do that. You can also watch this video that explains the steps.

    • Calculate the required cylinder force. For horizontal sliding movement, multiply the load weight by the sliding mechanism’s coefficient of friction. Then multiply the cylinder bore size by the pressure to be applied. Comparing these two figures shows the force output to the cylinder. Because system losses are inevitable, add 20% to make sure you allow for sufficient force.
    • Consider cylinder stroke length. The load a cylinder can comfortably support depends on stroke length. This guide contains an easy-reference chart that compares maximum loads and stroke lengths. If you find that your configuration will require additional support, we can easily add tube supports to accommodate that.
    • Consider internal cushioning. Our DURATRK cylinders all contain adjustable internal cushions. However, we can also install external shock absorbers if needed to adequately cushion your cylinder’s movement.

    DURATRK™ Supports Custom Design

    The DTK Customized Compact Pneumatic Rodless Cylinder is actually a specialized product manufactured by Lanamatic of Switzerland but made available by W.C. Branham. What’s so special about this cylinder? You can learn its story here. It’s a success story -- another example of how our Branham team provides custom design assistance for customers.

    Our expert engineering and manufacturing teams have the know-how, experience, and creative minds to help you design the ideal solution for your motion-based challenge.   

    What can you do with DURATRK™ rodless cylinders?

    The better question might be what can you not do? Pneumatic rodless cylinders are the go-to actuators for so many industrial applications, including:

    • Lane diverters on conveyors or pusher arms on assembly lines
    • Moving spray heads
    • Silkscreening
    • Knifing
    • Assembly picking and placing  
    • Lifting (raising/lowering) of elevators or conveyors 
    • Opening/closing doors (vertically or horizontally)
    • Roll forming 
    • Shuttling carts on a conveyor system

    Learn more

    DURATRK’s broad range of pneumatic cylinder options may leave you feeling overwhelmed. But no worries, you can get more information, detailed step-by-step sizing instructions and more by downloading our DURATRK catalog. And you can always contact us for knowledgeable advice and recommendations from our Branham team.

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