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    [VIDEO] Actuator Sizing: DURATRK

    Posted by Troy Branham on Jun 20 ,2018

    When properly sizing and selecting a DURATRK rodless cylinder for your next cylinder application, the goal is to determine the amount of cylinder force necessary to provide a cost-effective and efficient solution.

    DURATRK rodless cylinders are available in bore sizes from 18mm up to 63mm bore, and are available in stroke lengths from a few inches to 16 feet. With that flexibility and customization comes the importance of properly calculating and sizing the perfect rodless cylinder for your application:


    Calculate the Cylinder Force

    The first thing to consider in sizing a DURATRK rodless cylinder is the cylinder force required for your application. If your application is horizontal sliding orientation, use the following equation:

    Load Weight x Coefficient of Friction (of the sliding mechanism)

    Next, compare that result to the following:

    Cylinder Bore Size x Pressure

    This will help you determine the force output of the cylinder. Make sure it equals your required cylinder force plus an additional 20% to account for system losses.

    Consider the Stroke Length of the Cylinder

    The cylinder can support loads up to a certain length. You can refer to the chart for the maximum load vs stroke length requirements. Additional tube supports are optional and available if additional cylinder support is necessary.

    Consider the Internal Cushions for the Cylinder

    Cylinders are provided with internal adjustable cushions. We’ll want to refer to the load velocity vs load weight to determine if the cylinder cushions are adequate for your application. If more cushioning is necessary, we can simply install external shock absorbers to the configuration.

    Take Advantage of DURATRK’s Broad Product Line

    DURATRK line offers a variety of guiding options, including:

    • Basic internal yoke carriage for light duty applications
    • Additional guide blocks for moderate-duty applications
    • Integrated linear rails for heavy duty applications

    For more more information and detailed step-by-step sizing instructions, please download our DURATRK catalogue.

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