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    [VIDEO] How to Size and Select a Spring Applied Brake

    Posted by Troy Branham on Mar 21 ,2018

    In order to pick the perfect spring applied caliper disc brake for your application, you must first determine the amount of braking torque required, and then pair that with the right brake and disc solution.

    There are two main applications that spring applied brakes are suitable for: Dynamic Stopping applications and Static Holding applications. But both applications have different requirements that spring applied brakes need to handle:

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    Dynamic Stopping Applications

    When calculating the amount of braking torque required for dynamic stopping applications, you’ll want to consider all the operating variables, such as the:

    • Weight of the rotating mass
    • Radius gyration based on the shape of the mass
    • RPM
    • Stopping time

    Each spring applied brake will state the amount of tangential force it can provide. By coupling that force with the disc diameter to find the braking radius, you can calculate the amount of torque required by your application.

    DOWNLOAD: Our Brake Sizing Calculator

    Static Holding Applications

    By comparison, static holding applications are simple. You just need to determine the amount of torque to hold, and pair that with a brake and disc diameter that provides that amount of torque.

    For more information on spring applied brakes and step by step sizing instructions, please download our caliper disc sizing catalogue or contact us.

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