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    [VIDEO] How to Properly Adjust a Mechanical Brake Caliper

    Posted by Chad Randleman on May 3 ,2017

    In this video, W.C. Branham's Chad Randleman demonstrates how to make the adjustment on your mechanical caliper disc brake to compensate for pad wear.

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    Making the Adjustments 

    A new caliper disc brake will have a gap between the friction pads that requires a lever rotation of 7.5 degrees. As the pads wear, the required lever rotation will increase. To adjust that and return that lever rotation back to the factory condition, you can simply rotate the nut in a clockwise direction which moves the lever in, closing the live side pistons and friction pads and resetting that gap, returning your lever rotation back to 7.5 degrees. By periodically making this adjustment, you can maintain the desired lever rotation at a consistent level.  

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