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    [VIDEO] What is a Brake Caliper and How Does it Work?

    Posted by Chad Randleman on Nov 9 ,2016

     A brake caliper is a device used to either stop or hold a rotating mass. It's designed to absorb the energy created by the rotating mass, and dissipate it as heat. This video blog gives you a quick look at the different styles and highlights their main functions. 


    Styles of Caliper Disc Brakes

    There are a number of styles of caliper disc brakes available - from active pneumatic or hydraulic, to spring applied fail safe brakes, to mechanical, to dual function brakes that service multi-purposes. For static applications, you only need to be concerned about the ultimate tangential braking force of the brake. For dynamic applications, you need to consider a number of variables including the stopping time and the energy generated by the application. For more information, visit our brake product page.

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