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    3 Reasons Why a Pneumatic Door Operator Is Best For Your Car Wash

    Posted by Peter Wold on Jul 12 ,2017

    AdobeStock_3716384.jpegFor some car wash applications, several different types of door openers will do the trick. This is especially true in “easy” climates, where the weather doesn’t pose the kind of problems that could keep the operation from running smoothly and cost-efficiently. However, if your car wash is located where cold, inclement weather is the winter norm, a pneumatic door operator is definitely your best choice.

    Premium quality pneumatic operators cost more. But there are three key reasons why a pneumatic door opener is easily worth the investment for cold climates:

    1. Speed

    A car wash is not a hospitable operating environment for any door operator. It’s harsh and wet. Put simply, cold temperatures and the chemicals you use to clean vehicles are not compatible. You want to keep them separated as much as possible.

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    Therefore, the faster you can open and close the door, the better. Depending on operating pressure and specific door application, a pneumatic opener will move at about one foot per second. And every second counts, especially when it’s freezing or colder.

    In all weather, pneumatic openers also ensure customers’ vehicles cycle through the car wash at the most efficient pace, boosting productivity.

    2. Power

    Ice and snow are heavy. Add that weight to the existing weight of your polycarbonate panel door, and it takes a powerful operator to repeatedly (and smoothly) perform the opening and closing functions. In any weather, time and fluctuating temperatures can cause small structural shifts, in turn causing your car wash door to bind.

    With the power of a premium pneumatic operator, you’re less likely to have problems. Your door will open to admit paying customers, and close quickly to keep the elements outside where they belong.

    3. Dependability

    Every sound investment requires product dependability, and this is the #1 reason a pneumatic operator is the best choice for your car wash. You can rely on your opener to perform properly, without fail, even in circumstances that would overwhelm a lesser quality product. Dependability is why companies consider pneumatic operators the go-to choice across a wide variety of industrial applications.

    For your car wash, reliability reduces maintenance needs and the chance of expensive downtime, which damages both your bottom line and your business’ reputation.

    Which pneumatic operator will bring you the strongest ROI?

    We encourage you to download our free Car Wash Door Opener Whitepaper. It explains the key features you should look for when selecting a premium pneumatic operator and shows you how to evaluate the payback of the product you choose.

    Pneumatic door operators are a valuable choice for any car wash, and a must-have tool where weather is likely to affect your operation. You don’t want to be caught without one when the temperatures start to plummet and the snow starts to fly. That could be all too soon, so here at W.C. Branham we’re taking orders right now.

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