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    Everything You Need to Know About Spiral Bevel Gear Design

    Posted by Peter Wold on Jun 7 ,2019

    Years ago, it was expensive and very difficult to make spiral bevel gearboxes. And while the precision necessary to craft such beautiful and intricate pieces is still tricky, with the right attention to design and fabrication, it's much more doable.

    In order to fully appreciate the many advantages of spiral bevel gearboxes, here is everything you need to know about spiral bevel gear design.

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    Topics: Right Angle Gearbox

    3 Reasons Why a Pneumatic Door Operator Is Best For Your Car Wash

    Posted by Peter Wold on Jul 12 ,2017

    For some car wash applications, several different types of door openers will do the trick. This is especially true in “easy” climates, where the weather doesn’t pose the kind of problems that could keep the operation from running smoothly and cost-efficiently. However, if your car wash is located where cold, inclement weather is the winter norm, a pneumatic door operator is definitely your best choice.

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    Topics: Pneumatic Door Operators

    [VIDEO] A Closer Look into the Two Types of Wind Turbine Brakes

    Posted by Peter Wold on Oct 26 ,2016

    To operate properly, wind turbines need two types of brakes — one to control the rotor speed to protect the system, and another to keep the turbine facing into the wind. W.C. Branham Sales Manager Pete Wold looks at your options for the two types of wind turbine brakes in this edition of Solutions in Motion.

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    Topics: Caliper Disc Brakes, Videos