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    [VIDEO] Fixed Brakes vs. Floating Brakes

    Posted by Chad Randleman on Aug 10 ,2016

    What are the differences between double live sided fixed mount caliper disc brakes and single live sided floating mount caliper disc brakes? Those are the two options available when specifying and designing in the caliper disc brake for an application.

    Many models are available in both options and you can choose between the two depending on your mounting preference. Chad Ranldleman, W.C. Branham's VP Engineering and General Manager, discusses your options in this edition of Solutions in Motion.

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    Fixed Brakes

    Double live sided brakes are often ordered with retractable pistons to eliminate residual drag of the friction pads on the disc.

    With a double live sided fixed mounted brake you simply utilize the bolts provided in the brake, center the caliper halves, and fixed mount it to your mounting structure. 

    Floating Brakes

    In a single live sided floating brake, the brakes are provided with a bracket with only one active side.

    You mount that bracket to your structure frame. The brake will then float to center and compensate for the axial movement of the pistons. 

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