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    Hyperloop Recap: Michigan Hyperloop Reflects on Race Week

    Posted by Troy Branham on Aug 8 ,2018

    "Persistence is very important. You should not give up unless you are forced to give up.” — Elon Musk, SpaceX Founder

    Persistence is exactly what 60 University of Michigan students are practicing after an unexpected turn of events at SpaceX's 2018 Hyperloop Pod Competition.

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    How to Properly Size and Select an OVLPRO Rod Cylinder [VIDEO]

    Posted by Troy Branham on Aug 1 ,2018

    When looking for a cost-effective and efficient solution for your rod cylinder application, you may be looking at many different options. The trick is to fit your rod cylinder to the requirements of your application, and with our OVLPRO options, we can help. Here’s how to properly size and select the right OVLPRO rod cylinder, from our VP of Engineering & General Manager, Chad Randleman.

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    When are Oval Bore Cylinders Right for Automated Assembly for the Medical Industry?

    Posted by Troy Branham on Jul 25 ,2018

    No matter what your industry, the equipment in your production facilities has certain requirements in common. It has to provide:

    • Durability and reliability that ensure maximum uptime
    • Benefits that ensure a strong return on investment

    And it has to be a perfect fit for your operating environment. But not all environments are equal. Some, such as automated assembly in the medical and semiconductor industries, are far more demanding. Here, positioning equipment must perform with ultra-high precision and stability, often at very high speeds and in limited space. And components have to be appropriate for clean environments. Without all that, you cannot maintain the integrity of products coming off the line.

    A low profile oval bore cylinder may be the perfect product for your application. Here's why.

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    Race Report: Michigan Hyperloop Prepares to Compete July 22

    Posted by Troy Branham on Jul 19 ,2018

    For approximately 60 University of Michigan students, this summer is unlike any other. As participants in Elon Musk's Hyperloop Pod Competition, the students worked tirelessly adjusting their team's pod design, testing controls and functions, and completing documentation after classes ended in the spring. Even full-time jobs and long distances couldn't stop them from fulfilling this project, goal, and dream.

    As they approached the July 22nd competition, we caught up with Stephanie Shantz, Michigan Hyperloop member, to learn what the team worked on this summer and how they're feeling about the big day. Here's what we learned.

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    How Hydraulic Spring Applied Brakes Help Abrahamson Nurseries Work Safer

    Posted by Troy Branham on Jul 18 ,2018

    Here at W.C. Branham, we define our products as problem-solvers. But, we admit, we are just a little biased. So when a customer shares a story of how a Branham product solved their thorny problem, that’s a story we want to share with everyone. After all, you never know when someone else’s design “win” might be exactly the solution to your problem, too. The subject of today's story: spring applied hydraulic brakes.

    Spring applied hydraulic brakes are the go-to choice when you need to hold industrial equipment or heavy machinery in place, reliably. In an emergency, or to prevent an emergency from happening, you need equipment that can be stopped without question. It's the only way you can work safer with confidence.

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    [VIDEO] Actuator Sizing: DURATRK

    Posted by Troy Branham on Jun 20 ,2018

    When properly sizing and selecting a DURATRK rodless cylinder for your next cylinder application, the goal is to determine the amount of cylinder force necessary to provide a cost-effective and efficient solution.

    DURATRK rodless cylinders are available in bore sizes from 18mm up to 63mm bore, and are available in stroke lengths from a few inches to 16 feet. With that flexibility and customization comes the importance of properly calculating and sizing the perfect rodless cylinder for your application:

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    Hydraulic, Mechanical, and Pneumatic Cylinders: When to Use What?

    Posted by Troy Branham on Jun 13 ,2018

    By definition, actuators either move things or stop them. In industrial design and other heavy-duty applications, actuators — or cylinders — provide the driving force that moves (or holds) machinery components. You may ask, "Should I choose pneumatic cylinders for my design or some other type? Well, that depends on what you need to move, in what way, and under what conditions.

    Pneumatic cylinders are powered by compressed air. But cylinders can also be powered by pressurized fluid (hydraulic), by electricity, or by hand (mechanical). For obvious practicality reasons, we can rule out hand-cranked cylinders for industrial applications.

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    Secrets of Fluid Power: Know Your Cable Cylinders

    Posted by Troy Branham on Jun 6 ,2018

    Think a cable cylinder might be the best actuator to your design project? Well, which one do you need? There are rodless cable cylinders, guided cable cylinders, single acting cable cylinders, and linear tension cable cylinders.

    Some aspects of cable cylinders are the same regardless of model. But of course, there are differences too, and it’s those differences that can help point you in the right direction. You can get the full story by downloading our Cable Cylinder Catalog, which includes a selection guide and sizing worksheet. Here’s an overview to get you started uncovering the secrets of fluid power.

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    [VIDEO] Actuator Sizing: Magnetically Coupled Cylinder

    Posted by Troy Branham on May 30 ,2018

    When searching for the perfect magnetically-coupled cylinder for your next rodless cylinder application, there are certain observations you must make.

    In our new video, Chad Randleman, VP of Engineering & General Manager of W.C. Branham, explains how to do just that:

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    Wind Turbine Control: Harnessing Mother Nature Using Caliper Brakes

    Posted by Troy Branham on May 23 ,2018

    Mother Nature is on the job in 41 U.S. states, delivering power to utilities via wind energy. But she only supplies the wind that makes the turbines go round and round. It’s up to humans to direct and control the process, and sometimes that requires no-fail stopping power. And caliper disc brakes are the go-to choice when it comes to wind turbine control.

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