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    [VIDEO] What is a Fail-Safe Brake?

    Posted by Troy Branham on Dec 28 ,2016

    Fail-safe brakes are brakes that, by nature, are always engaged. They commonly consist of spring applied brakes which are actuated by a stack of belleville disc springs. When pressurized, by either pneumatic or hydraulic pressure, the spring stack is retracted and the brake is opened or disengaged.


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    When Are Fail-Safe Brakes Used?

    Fail-safe brakes are often used in applications where fail-safe functionality is necessary for safety reasons or to stop a rotating load upon loss of power, an error or hydraulic pressure. 

    W.C. Branham's Brake Line

    From as little as 600, to more than 150,000 inch pounds of braking torque, W.C. Branham makes a wide range of caliper disc brakes for industrial and off-highway vehicular applications. Each of our caliper disc brakes are made of either quality machined or cast aluminum construction and are hard-coated for long service life.

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    You can also find brake discs and disc/hub assemblies as well as brake repair kits and spare parts on the W.C. Branham website. 

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