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    Ask the Engineer: Custom Manufacturing Process Q&A

    Posted by Troy Branham on Oct 31 ,2018

    Our catalogs contain thousands of brakes, gearboxes, and pneumatic cylinders, yet that doesn't come close to matching the demand for fluid power parts. In fact, almost 40% of our business comes from custom design, ranging from slight modification of catalog products through completely new designs to match a customer's needs.

    So, how long does it take to order custom products, and what information do you need to get started? We tossed those frequently asked questions at the man behind our custom manufacturing process, WC Branham VP of Engineering and General Manager, Chad Randleman.

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    9 Real-World Applications for Electric Linear Actuators

    Posted by Troy Branham on Oct 24 ,2018

    You know that linear actuators move loads in a straight line, forward and/or backward. You know they can be powered by hydraulic fluid, compressed air, or electricity. Each type has its own pros and cons. So, when should you use electric linear actuators? They are quite versatile. Here are some examples.

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    Electric Linear Actuators: What Do They Do?

    Posted by Troy Branham on Oct 17 ,2018

    Full disclaimer: W.C. Branham Inc. does not currently manufacture electric linear actuators. Instead, we manufacture many different types of pneumatic and low-pressure hydraulic linear actuators for over 35 years. So then, why write about electric linear actuators? Simple: We’d like to give you a few things to think about when you are trying to decide if going electric is right for your next application.

    As the name implies, a linear actuator moves a load of some kind in a straight line. You can use hydraulic or pneumatic power or electricity to operate linear actuators, but we’ll take a closer look at the electric option. How does it work? What can it do? And how does it differ from other options?

    Here's what you need to know about electric linear actuators.

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    5 Benefits of Using Fluid Power for Your Material Handling System

    Posted by Troy Branham on Oct 10 ,2018

    Fluid power is a great way to help automate material handling. It is the process of using a fluid under pressure to move a load or perform some other mechanical task. Hydraulic systems typically use a specialized oil, whereas pneumatic systems use compressed air as the “fluid.” Both types of actuators can be invaluable for material handling applications, though not necessarily the same ones.

    Here's what you need to know about fluid power and material handling.

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    National Manufacturing Day: Celebrating The Next Generation

    Posted by Troy Branham on Oct 5 ,2018

    From technology and automotive to food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods, the manufacturing industry remains busier than ever. And what better way to celebrate National Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) Oct. 5 than to share the importance manufacturing has on our society and what inspires individuals to get into this line of work.

    Manufacturing's Impact in Our World

    There isn't much we use on a daily basis that wasn't manufactured by a company — local or international. The bed you woke up in: manufactured. The toothpaste (and toothbrush) you used to brush your teeth: manufactured. The car you drove to work: manufactured. The desk you sit at Monday through Friday: manufactured. And the stove you cooked dinner on: manufactured, as well. You get the idea. Manufacturing plays a huge role in the functionality of our country and world. So, why wouldn't we celebrate the industry?

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    [VIDEO] Gearbox Sizing: How to Size and Select IAS and CRL Gearboxes

    Posted by Troy Branham on Sep 26 ,2018

    With so many unique applications and different sizing requirements, it can be difficult to find the perfect gearbox for your needs. And of course, you want your selected gearbox to help your application run as smoothly as possible.

    In this video, our VP of Engineering and General Manager, Chad Randleman walks you through the process of finding the right gearbox amongst the various types of gearboxes we offer.

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    The SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition to Return Summer 2019

    Posted by Troy Branham on Sep 18 ,2018

    Only weeks after concluding its 2018 Hyperloop Pod Competition, where WARR Hyperloop of Munich, Germany, hit a record 290 miles per hour with its pod, SpaceX released the rules for its next competition. SpaceX's 2019 Hyperloop Pod Competition is set to be even bigger and better than the three previous challenges, and we can't wait to see what these students create.

    Teams will not only aim to beat that 290 mpg record and successfully stop their pod for the new competition, but they'll have to do it with a few extra rules.

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    New Product Release: PFS38 Pneumatic Spring Applied Brake

    Posted by Troy Branham on Sep 12 ,2018

    Scale matters in industrial design. When it comes to braking, you don’t necessarily need enough torque to stop a freight train. A gentle touch will do fine for subtle movements. A larger brake may work OK if it fits the space available, but it will probably cost more and not operate as efficiently.

    We, at W.C. Branham, are excited to announce our new pneumatic spring applied brake, which will be available in October 2018. The PFS38 is the smallest member of our pneumatic spring applied caliper disc brakes family, providing half the torque of our next-smallest model, the very popular PFS47.

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    [VIDEO] Actuator Sizing: PNEUSA®

    Posted by Troy Branham on Sep 5 ,2018

    The PNEUSA® is a unique cylinder design using an internally enclosed cable cylinder based on our original cable cylinder sealing technology. This provides complete protection of the internal sealing components from harsh environments, which means you can use the PNEUSA® in all types of applications!

    But finding the perfect fit for your application isn’t always the easiest job. Our VP of Engineering and General Manager, Chad Randleman, breaks down how to size a PNEUSA® rodless cylinder for your rodless cylinder application:

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    Hydraulic Rod Cylinders vs. Pneumatic Rod Cylinders

    Posted by Troy Branham on Aug 29 ,2018

    You’ve decided a rod-style actuator is the answer for your industrial equipment design. That’s great! But, do you want a hydraulic rod cylinder or a pneumatic rod cylinder? Either style can deliver excellent, reliable performance in the right circumstances, so what’s the difference?

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