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    [VIDEO] Right Angle Gearboxes: Answers to Common Questions

    Posted by Troy Branham on Feb 15 ,2017

    In this video W.C. Branham’s Chad Randleman answers some of the most common questions we receive regarding right angle gearboxes.

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    FAQ: What Gearbox is Available with Food Grade Grease?

    Posted by Troy Branham on Feb 8 ,2017

    The food and chemical processing industries require specialized equipment as well as highly-controlled working environments. Choosing the right gearbox to keep processing equipment moving smoothly is crucial. But there are other factors you have to consider. With that in mind, we have answers for some of the most frequently asked questions.

    Why does the gearbox have to be different for these applications?

    Sanitation is everything in industries such as food and beverage processing as well as pharmaceuticals manufacturing. Maintaining a sterile environment is critical to avoid contamination. But machinery needs lubrication in order to function. Both the products being processed and the industrial equipment itself must be protected from contaminants.

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    Key Considerations for Applying Pneumatic Rodless Cylinders to Your Mechanical Design

    Posted by Troy Branham on Feb 1 ,2017

    In a recent blog article, we listed some questions you should ask when you want to use pneumatic rod cylinders in your mechanical design. For many applications, however, rodless cylinders are a better choice. With this type of pneumatic cylinder, the external carriage itself slides back and forth along the cylinder body, rather than an external rod extending and retracting. This design is particularly useful for applications that require long strokes or high moment loads, thanks to the shorter, enclosed and self-guided configuration.

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    Mechanical Engineering Projects: Essential Tools For Getting Started

    Posted by Chad Randleman on Jan 26 ,2017

    Mechanical engineers design and build things that work. Tools. Machines. Entire systems such as automated industrial machinery. Many of these mechanical engineering projects are highly complex. And every one of them is different. Yet, choosing the best design and components for each project follows a similar path.

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    [VIDEO] How to Size a Pneumatic Rodless Cylinder for Your Application

    Posted by Troy Branham on Jan 12 ,2017

    In order to properly size a pneumatic rodless cylinder for your next application, you must consider a few variables including; the moving orientation of the load and the guiding member that will be supporting and guiding the load. Those variables will determine the size, style and the installed options of the cylinder that you require.

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    [VIDEO] An Overview of Our DURATRK Rodless Cylinder Line

    Posted by Troy Branham on Jan 4 ,2017

    In this video blog, our experts introduce you to Lanamatic - a Swiss manufacturer of pneumatic rodless cylinders. Through a private label arrangement, Lanamtic products can be found in the United States within the DURATRK label here at Branham. 

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    [VIDEO] What is a Fail-Safe Brake?

    Posted by Troy Branham on Dec 28 ,2016

    Fail-safe brakes are brakes that, by nature, are always engaged. They commonly consist of spring applied brakes which are actuated by a stack of belleville disc springs. When pressurized, by either pneumatic or hydraulic pressure, the spring stack is retracted and the brake is opened or disengaged.

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    5 Common Mistakes Made When Sizing a Pneumatic Linear Actuator

    Posted by Troy Branham on Dec 22 ,2016

    Pneumatic linear actuators offer numerous advantages across a wide variety of applications. However, they must be spec’d properly. Otherwise, the result could be less-than-desired productivity and greater-than-expected problems, downtime, and costs. There are several factors that affect sizing.

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    Tips on Sizing Industrial Caliper Brakes for Your Application

    Posted by Troy Branham on Dec 20 ,2016

    When it comes to industrial and vehicular caliper disc brakes, W.C. Branham is proud to offer a wide range of sizes covering a wide range of applications that create a wide range of solutions. That adds up to more than 300 possible model configurations. It is essential to spec the proper size, in order to assure reliable, cost-effective performance.

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    How to Install an External Guide on a Rodless Air Cylinder

    Posted by Troy Branham on Dec 14 ,2016

    Rodless air cylinders save valuable machine space because they are almost half the overall length of a comparable rod cylinder while producing the same, if not more, punch. And the ability to add an external guide can make them even more versatile.

    The external guide makes it possible to load the slide with lateral forces and torques. Tools or other drives can be mounted directly on the slide. In the case of our DURATRK™ line of rodless air cylinders, the adjustable slide guide is capable of handling high moment and forces in all directions. With screws provided, installation can be handled with the following steps and a few easy adjustments. 

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