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    [VIDEO] How to Replace Friction Pads on a Caliper Disc Brake

    Posted by Troy Branham on May 31 ,2017

    In this video, W.C. Branham's Chad Randleman demonstrates how to replace the friction pads on your caliper disc brake.

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    How to Take it Apart

    The first thing you’ll want to do is dismount your caliper disc brake from the disc. If it’s a single-live side or double-live side in a bolt mounted style, you’ll first have to remove the bolts from the mounting structure to dismount the brake. If it’s a floating style, remove the floating mount screws so that you can remove the brake from the mounting structure.

    To access the friction pads, you’ll need to remove the dead side from the live side housing. To do so, remove the bolts so that you can access the friction pads. Once you’ve removed the bolts holding the brake together, locate the brass screws on each friction pad and remove those with a standard slotted screwdriver.

    Once the screws are removed, you can remove the friction brake pad. You’ll probably discover a lot of brake dust and debris from the pad wearing overtime, so take the opportunity to clean the housings and clean the counter bores, particularity where the new pads will be located.

    Installing the New Friction Pad

    Take the new friction pad, reseed it into the counter bore, align the screw whole and then apply one drop of removable thread locker to the screw threads. Then, reinstall the brass screws to retain the friction pad. Some model brakes will only have two friction pads, some will have four, so repeat the process for each friction pad. Then the new pad installation is complete.

    Lastly, reassemble your caliper disc brake by tightening those bolts, remounting the brake onto the original mounting structure and disc, and you’re good to go.

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