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    Applications for Disc/Hub Assemblies of Caliper Disc Brakes [VIDEO]

    Posted by W.C. Branham on Jan 6 ,2022

    Caliper disc brakes are commonly used in a wide variety of industrial applications. With a wealth of component sizes and configuration options available, you can pull together exactly the right set of parts to meet virtually any performance specifications. However, sometimes you can sidestep much of that time and effort by choosing a complete disc brake hub assembly instead. 

    When to Consider a Disc Hub Assembly

    New equipment designs often require the full package. If you’re purchasing brakes, a disc brake hub assembly can be an ideal addition because you get a complete, pre-packaged system that’s ready to install. Not only is this more convenient, but you can also be sure you’re getting high-quality components that fit properly in every respect – a critical factor when precision components are required. 

    Disc hub assemblies can be coupled to anything that rotates and then paired with a brake to provide slowing, stopping, and/or holding action as required. The disc assembly may be a good option for anywhere your operation requires controlled rotation.

    Caliper braking systems are used in many different types of industrial settings, including applications that require fail-safe emergency braking:

    • Conveyors
    • Computer numerical control (CNC) machinery
    • Indexers
    • Hose reels
    • Robotic manipulators
    • Packaging
    • Paper and corrugated products manufacturing
    • Printing presses
    • Wind turbines

    Pre-packaged disc hub assemblies are especially useful for applications such as:

    • Indexing machinery
    • Industrial carts
    • Tooling fixtures
    • Tube and cable spooling systems
    • Web handling systems

    Sometimes Brakes are All You Need

    Not every braking application uses a disc or disc hub assembly. And, even for applications that do, brakes must be replaced more often than discs because they undergo greater wear and tear. Similarly, you may only need to purchase rotors or other components. The rotors we offer at W.C. Branham are all high-quality precision parts, featuring specifications that include stress relieved low carbon steel, flat to .020 inch, Blanchard ground, and 80 RMS finish. We also offer quick disconnect bushings and hubs for a greater range of shaft sizes.

    However, for lower RPM or certain types of holding applications, you don’t necessarily need the highest quality rotors -- you can get by with a disc cut from a sheet of material. In this case, if you have an in-house machine shop, you can simply fashion what you need onsite.

    That said, some of our customers tell us that, although they had initially planned to make their own discs, once they realized we could provide a disc that is compatible with our brakes and easy to set up, purchasing the disc assembly instead was an easy decision.

    Which Option is Right For You?

    It’s good to know that you have a choice. You can purchase components to create a braking system that matches almost any set of unique specifications, or you might be able to purchase a disc brake hub assembly that simplifies the process and still provides the quality and performance you need. As always, our W.C. Branham team is ready to answer your questions and steer you in the right direction. Just give us a call or drop us an email.

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