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    [VIDEO] An Overview of Our DURATRK Rodless Cylinder Line

    Posted by Troy Branham on Jan 4 ,2017

    In this video blog, our experts introduce you to Lanamatic - a Swiss manufacturer of pneumatic rodless cylinders. Through a private label arrangement, Lanamtic products can be found in the United States within the DURATRK label here at Branham

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    How DURATRK Sizes Up

    The DURATRK rodless cylinder line is packed with versatility. There are two basic versions: One version has an industry standard overall length when compared with other brands. The other version has a shorter overall length (up to 40% shorter) than the standard version with the same stroke. These rodless cylinders can be made to any length, up to 21 feet overall. You can extend both the standard and short versions by adding an outside carriage to one side of the cylinder for higher loads or higher forces. You can also mount the carriage on the bottom side, or even mount two carriages, one on each side. DURATRK rodless cylinders are also available with an integrated precision linear rail and ball bearing block configurations for maximum load carrying capability. Your choice of NPT or BSPP double or single porting, foot mounts and sensor types are also possible.

    What's New?

    Lanamatic has recently introduced an additional add-on carriage guide model, DTS+, which is load and moment rated between the standard carriage model DTS and the standard carriage model with add-on guide DTF. The DTS+ broadens the shoulder of the DTS yoke and adds bearing support riding on the top of the cylinder body. It's fit with a broader shoulder on the top, a solution that would go in between the two standard rodless cylinders for the most competitive price. 

    W.C. Branham’s DURATRK product line offers six different bore sizes, providing a wide range of flexibility ranging from an 18mm bore, all the way up to a 63mm bore.

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