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    Supporting the Car Wash Industry with a 20-Year Partnership [VIDEO]

    Posted by Troy Branham on Feb 27 ,2019

    If there is such a thing as a manufacturing match made in heaven, it may be W.C. Branham and Airlift Doors. Airlift Doors, a Minnesota-based commercial door manufacturer specializing in car care applications like car washes, service bays, car dealerships, and more, first started working with W.C. Branham in 1995.

    Today, that partnership is over 20 years strong and showing no signs of slowing down, thanks to ingenuity and quality products:

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    When to Consider a Pneumatic Commercial Door Operator

    Posted by Troy Branham on Feb 28 ,2018

    Certain types of commercial facilities have doors that are very large and very heavy. Often, these doors are an integral part of the flow of operations, such as in a car wash, where automation is essential. But not all commercial door actuators are the same. A pneumatic door operator assures the power and reliability you need to keep things moving.

    Here at W.C. Branham, we’ve been designing and manufacturing actuators for more than 30 years, and we’ve been providing specialized pneumatic products for commercial doors at least half that time. In our experience, a premium quality pneumatic operator is often the best tool for the job.

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    3 Reasons Why a Pneumatic Door Operator Is Best For Your Car Wash

    Posted by Peter Wold on Jul 12 ,2017

    For some car wash applications, several different types of door openers will do the trick. This is especially true in “easy” climates, where the weather doesn’t pose the kind of problems that could keep the operation from running smoothly and cost-efficiently. However, if your car wash is located where cold, inclement weather is the winter norm, a pneumatic door operator is definitely your best choice.

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    Tips for Choosing the Right Overhead Pneumatic Door Operator

    Posted by Troy Branham on Aug 3 ,2016

    The biggest question you might ask when choosing an overhead pneumatic door operator is, “Why pay more for pneumatic when an electrical operator will do?” The answer is that the added expense more than pays for itself in applications that require the smooth performance, higher speed, and increased dependability that pneumatic door operators offer. Here are some tips that will help you make the right choice.

    The greatest advantage of pneumatic door operators over electrical is dependability. Pneumatic door operators are, by design, air cylinders. A basic pneumatic operator looks like two rod cylinders connected by a chain and sprocket. Lower-cost electrical operators can require costly maintenance – meaning potentially lost customers who can’t enter, or equipment damaged to the elements when the door won’t properly shut.

    Dependability revolves around two important qualities in the right pneumatic door operator: speed and power.

    Speedy Operation

    Speed becomes important when you’re trying to keep out elements that can damage equipment, like cold weather. Saving seconds in opening and closing times can make a big difference in working equipment when temperatures dip below freezing. Also, in an application like a car wash, continuous door cycling paces customers through the service, adding up throughout the year.

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