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    [VIDEO] Actuator Sizing: DURATRK

    Posted by Troy Branham on Jun 20 ,2018

    When properly sizing and selecting a DURATRK rodless cylinder for your next cylinder application, the goal is to determine the amount of cylinder force necessary to provide a cost-effective and efficient solution.

    DURATRK rodless cylinders are available in bore sizes from 18mm up to 63mm bore, and are available in stroke lengths from a few inches to 16 feet. With that flexibility and customization comes the importance of properly calculating and sizing the perfect rodless cylinder for your application:

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    When to Choose the DURATRK DTFL Model Linear Guided Rodless Cylinder

    Posted by Troy Branham on Nov 15 ,2017

    Machine builders are being asked, or sometimes pushed, by their clients to do more, which means the automated machinery they design needs to do more. Machines need to have high throughput, better accuracy, improved reliability, more  robustness  and have a higher ROI.

    It's no different with components used in automated machinery. Machine builders desire performance and value of the components they use. Let's look at pneumatic rodless cylinders, which are commonly used in various types of automated machinery.

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    [VIDEO] An Overview of Our DURATRK Rodless Cylinder Line

    Posted by Troy Branham on Jan 4 ,2017

    In this video blog, our experts introduce you to Lanamatic - a Swiss manufacturer of pneumatic rodless cylinders. Through a private label arrangement, Lanamtic products can be found in the United States within the DURATRK label here at Branham

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