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    How to Install an External Guide on a Rodless Air Cylinder

    Posted by Troy Branham on Dec 14 ,2016

    Rodless air cylinders save valuable machine space because they are almost half the overall length of a comparable rod cylinder while producing the same, if not more, punch. And the ability to add an external guide can make them even more versatile.

    The external guide makes it possible to load the slide with lateral forces and torques. Tools or other drives can be mounted directly on the slide. In the case of our DURATRK™ line of rodless air cylinders, the adjustable slide guide is capable of handling high moment and forces in all directions. With screws provided, installation can be handled with the following steps and a few easy adjustments. 

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    7 Signs You May Need an Air Cylinder Repair

    Posted by Troy Branham on Jul 28 ,2016

    Troubleshooting problems with air cylinders can be complicated when you’re faced with numerous situations that can lead to downtime and equipment damage or failure. With a rigorous preventive maintenance program and awareness of where problems can come from, air cylinders can be kept running at optimum performance levels while maintaining maximum functionality. So what are the seven signs you may need an air cylinder repair?

    Your air cylinder may need repair if you notice any of these warning signs:

    1. Failure to move (or actuate)
      Lack of movement is a clear sign that something is wrong. Monitoring actuating pressure can help avoid system breakdown.

    2. Actuating too slowly

    3. Requiring higher than normal pressure to actuate
      If pilot control pressure is too low, the control line may be too small or the metering choke valve could be malfunctioning. Also, there may be mechanical binding between the working load and the air cylinder, so check to make sure that the parallelism is maintained.

    4. Visual corrosion or excessive wear

    5. Hissing noises

    6. Load pulsing
      Air cylinders are known for their smooth, almost silent movement. If you notice a change, it’s probably not running right.
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