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    [VIDEO] Introduction to OVLPRO™ Low Profile Pneumatic Cylinders

    Posted by Troy Branham on Aug 31 ,2016

    W.C. Branham President and CEO Troy Branham introduces our newest product line, OVLPRO™ Low Profile Pneumatic Cylinders, in this edition of Solutions in Motion. 

    Like many of our products, OVLPRO™ was originally designed from a specific customer request: looking for a low profile, compact, high reciprocating cylinder for a specific application. We offer OVLPRO™ in three bore sizes: 25mm, 32mm, and 44mm bore. 

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    What makes OVLPRO™ unique?

    The uniqueness of the OVLPRO™ product is that it is compact in height, very low profile, and it is very narrow in width. So, it's ideal for stacking cylinders on top of each other or side-by-side, to be more versatile in your specific application. 

    The OVLPRO™ features a female threaded stainless- or chrome-plated rod or a male threaded stainless- or chrome-plated rod. We offer various mounting arrangements, including many different port locations to choose from. 

    What are the OVLPRO™ options?

    We offer various mounting arrangements, with many different port locations, including a side-ported, extended retract, single ended and we also have rear porting options for the extended retract of the cylinder.

    The main body of the OVLPRO™ cylinder is a clear, anodized, ID and OD extruded aluminum profile. We have integrated T-slots on the sides of the extrusions to integrate various sensing options for position feedback. 

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