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    [VIDEO] Gearbox Sizing: How to Size and Select IAS and CRL Gearboxes

    Posted by Troy Branham on Sep 26 ,2018

    With so many unique applications and different sizing requirements, it can be difficult to find the perfect gearbox for your needs. And of course, you want your selected gearbox to help your application run as smoothly as possible.

    In this video, our VP of Engineering and General Manager, Chad Randleman walks you through the process of finding the right gearbox amongst the various types of gearboxes we offer.

    Gearbox Sizing- IAS and CRL

    Types of Gearboxes

    Insert-a-Shaft Model Gearboxes are available in a variety of different sizes:

    • 1” bore centers
    • 1.5” bore centers
    • 2” bore centers
    • 2.5” bore centers

    They’re also available in our Standard Grease Pack Gearbox and our CRL (Continuous Recirculating Lube) models, which are provided with fluid-recirculating lubrication and shaft seals.

    Also available are washdown-ready gearboxes available in both electroless nickel plating and stainless steel construction. These gearboxes are optimal for specialty applications, such as food grade or pharmaceutical and other washdown applications.

    Sizing Your Gearbox

    Required Torque for the Application

    Along with the required output torque, you’ll need to know what’s required for your application in terms of RPM and shaft rotation. IAS Gearboxes are available in both left- and right-hand rotation, which determines the output shaft rotation in relation to the input.

    Radial or Axial Loading of the Application

    If you have radial or axial loading applied to your gearbox shaft, you’ll want to account for that and support the shafting externally using bearing blocks.

    Duty Cycle of the Application

    For light to moderate duty applications, gearboxes would be considered lubricated and lubed for life. For more severe duty applications, it’s advised that you put them on a regular maintenance schedule for relubrication.

    For more information, please visit our gearbox product page. As always, contact us if you have any questions!

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