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    [VIDEO] Introduction to DURATRK™ Rodless Cylinders

    Posted by Troy Branham on Jul 26 ,2016

    W.C. Branham President and CEO Troy Branham introduces our pneumatic actuator line, specifically our new DURATRK™ slot tube style rodless cylinders in this edition of Solutions in Motion. 

    We make the  DURATRK™ product in six bore sizes, ranging from 18mm bore diameter up to 63mm. We cut our tube profiles in very small increments all the way up to 21 feet, depending upon a specific customer need. Our standard DTS model has an integrated piston yoke assembly, ideally for those applications where there's a light to moderate cylinder load requirement that the cylinder must move. 

    Understanding DURATRK™ models

    We have many types of guiding arrangements, including our DTF model, which is a modular guiding system onto the extrusion body of the cylinder. Again, depending on the customer requirements regarding loading and bending moments, we can size the DURATRK™ cylinder accordingly.

    Our DTF5, which is actually an inverted product, can invert the seal band downward to protect it from the operating environment and guide and support the load riding on the back side of the extrusion body. 

    Likewise, we have F1 (now the DTFD model) dual guided accessory options that can be added to the DTS model for heavy duty load and bending moment requirements. It's a very versatile product line that can be sized based on the customer's specifications. 

    One unique product that we have is our DTK model, which is a shortened-length version of our standard model, with a shorter integrated piston yoke assembly. What's nice about this model is that if you're trying to design a need that has a small footprint, the DTK model will be ideal for that, because you can achieve the same amount of stroke in a lot shorter space compared to the traditional rodless cylinders that are available on the market. 

    What makes DURATRK™ different?

    The heart of our DURATRK™ line is actually the extrusion body. The profile has been refined through the years, based on the technology advancements from extruders worldwide. Very high tolerances allow us to achieve a virtually zero leakage rate through the slot in the tube.  

    Lightening holes added to the extrusion make the product lighter, and we're able to feature multiple porting options depending on the customer's need, whether we're going to double end port the cylinder or have the porting on one end of the cylinder or even at the bottom — all due to the improvements in the extrusion body design. 

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